On-line & Live | Master Classes

Think it, do it, be it!

As Saba and her publishers comb through her latest literary work and program of Master Classes, videos and empowering support materials, Saba is working creating a highly personalized series of classes, podcasts and videos to echo the teachings of her upcoming book.

Her idea is to let her readers and viewers follow the paths outline in chapters that most resonate to the individual reader(s), allowing maximal immersion in teachings that are of most interest in the moment, allowing the book to be enjoyed by personal resonance, followed the the whole experience.

Centers for Spiritual Living | Practioner

Everyday Spirituality, Miraculous Outcomes

Saba and actor husband, Jeff Doucette, realized life-changing betterment through following spiritual belief patterns and methodologies espoused by the Centers for Spiritual Living that teaches powerful spiritual principles to facilitate personal growth, success, communal improvements and respect for all paths to God.

In furtherance of these beliefs, Saba and Jeff, licensed Spiritual Practitioners, have conducted dozens of life-affirming workshops incorporating elements of improvisational comedy, method acting and their own special brand of creative play. You can see more at LifePlay.US