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Classic Bikini Divas podcasts with her BFF Babs, on fitness, health and anti-ageing are published wherever you get your podcasts.

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All to help you reach your highest heights of self-awareness, self-compassion and optimal health in 2022 and beyond.

Real & virtual meet-ups

Since covid has hit us all hard, Saba has not been speaking in public this year, but continues to create new workouts and online workshops. Look for announcements of new events. Everyone stay safe out there!

Contact her for information on having Saba speak to your group in the future.

group sessions

Saba enjoys teaching her workshops, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body with the Think it, Do it, Be it Process. This process encompasses the many teaching and tenets of her books and personal philosophy.

Improvisation is a big part of of Saba's life, particularly in her work with husband Jeff and their Life Play workshops that encourage transformative interaction among all participants.


Never Too Old, Never Too Late Show on tubiTV

The Divas are releasing episodes on tubiTV. Watch them now!

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For Seniors and Older

Saba's workout video with her 100 year old Mother.

Download available for purchase.

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applying your sabalicious learnings

We're interested in your success stories. If you would like to share your personal take-aways from Saba's mental, physical and spiritual fitness routines, please share on our social media!

classic Bikini Divas

Saba and her BFF Babs, THE classic Bikini Divas! Veterans of radio, and now on podcast.

Classic Bikini Divas Podcast

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THE CELLULITE BASHER   Here's a hot tip from Saba. . . Watch the video

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We honor each person's process and know that progress is highly personal and that association with a group can accelerate growth and enhance perspective. We're here to help you grow.