Show business has been my life…all of my life. If you are in show business or any business you love, some day you might hear words like, “You’re too old to create a show, You’re too old to sell a show. Hitch your wagon to someone young that has a track record who can do it for you. Do I give up and wither away with nothing but old thoughts? Although technology is speeding up and honestly some of it is passing me by. Do I put myself up on a shelf and watch opportunities and life pass me by? Do I stop learning new things?  As someone older, feeling like my youthful energy is still going strong, do I give up, or do I ignore other people’s thoughts about aging and move forward creating a door that I can walk through with dignity?

I say never let the creativity die! Never put it in your consciousness that there won’t be a door that can open for you in whatever you have created. I believe in the positive energy we create for ourselves and that our lives are governed by our state of mind.  So, I choose to believe that as long as I am not pushing for things to happen, and just knowing they will…they will.

Somewhere, somehow, someone will see the value in what I have to offer no matter what age I am! I am filled with the power of positive energy that brings me whatever and whoever I need to make this happen. This positive energy cannot be stopped by small minds that have no insight into the power of positive thought. And I’m out to prove it.

I have created a fun entertaining show on fitness, health, and anti-aging and I am going to see that it becomes a reality!  Come with me on this journey of knocking down the barriers of judgement and ageism and spreading the power of belief.